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going to load up my game with a couple sims now - excitement!

(i’m not going to explain the issue anymore - i know that it isn’t 100% fair that i couldn’t take every sim, but it isn’t fair of me to take on 100+ sims and expect to still do a good job! i chose to hide the posts so that no one would think “were my sims only chosen because i got my number picked?” that wasn’t the case with any sim. there were around 30 people who had picked the right number, and the rest were either my friends or sims i really like that were 1-2 off from the number. i hope that clears things up a bit! please don’t harass others - i’ve had a couple people tell me about messages from anons and it’s so uncool TwT

like i said, if i didn’t pick your sims feel free to send me in a picture to edit - it’s the least i can do!)

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